News and Updates

Covid-19 Update (14th June 2020)

Following the latest government and LTA advice on the coronavirus pandemic, court 1 is open for singles play only, while court 2 can be used for singles or doubles (to avoid more than 6 players being on the courts at the same time).

In order to help adhere to the social distancing guidelines, you must use our Court Booking system every time you play. The booking system has been adjusted so that the start times for the two courts are offset 30 minutes. To enable this, you need to book two half-hour sessions and the rest of the 90 minute slot will be blanked out. Please leave the courts at least 15 minutes before the end of your slot, to avoid crossing over with the next players.

Please bring your own hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes to the court, and ensure that the gate and padlock are wiped down before and after play. Ea ch player must also bring their own marked tennis balls, and you should avoid using your hands to pick up tennis balls that aren’t yours - use your racket/foot to hit/kick them to your opponent. Please do not adjust the height of the net - it has been set at the correct height and the handle has been removed to prevent it being altered.

Membership for the 2020/21 Season

Our 2020/21 season began on 1st June 2020 and will run until 30th April 2021 (see our Membership page for more details). The code on the courts was changed on 15th June.


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Wimbledon Tickets

All members have the opportunity to “opt in” on the LTA’s website for inclusion in the yearly ballot for Wimbledon tickets. The number of club members that “opt in” determines how many pairs of tickets are allocated to the club – so please take a few minutes to do this to make sure that there are plenty of tickets to go in the ballot. You can only enter the club’s own ballot next year if you are opted in by the February cut-off date.

Rusty Rackets

Following the club’s successful social event last summer, we held an open Rusty Rackets session to encourage everyone who was interested in starting or returning to tennis to come along and hit some balls. It proved to be a great opportunity for members to talk to each other, with some regular informal play resulting. We plan to run another Rusty Rackets this season – so watch out for announcements!

If successful, the project will see indoor and outdoor courts being built in Banbury for use by the public. Cherwell District Council is in favour of the scheme, and planning/feasibility studies continue.